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Smart Building Solutions, LLC

Building Energy Modeling & Consulting

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Energy Efficiency Consultation

Smart Building Solutions, LLC.

  • We provide Energy Comparison, Predictions, and Compliance Energy Modeling & Building Energy Consulting Services.

  • Building energy modeling utilizing ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G methodology/Energy compliance code calculations /LEED submittals

  • Building energy modeling for design evaluation as well as EEM evaluation

  • Reviewing building energy data and provides analysis/Estimation of energy measure costs

  • Targeted HVAC design and layout /Energy analysis of design alternatives

  • Thermal performance modeling (Envelopes, HVAC, DHW, Geo-thermal, combined heat and power, energy storage, and others)

  • Solving building energy issues previously unsolved

Smart Building Solutions LLC: About Us
Modern Building

Our Services

High Performance Building Design and Analysis

We use energy modeling to evaluate building design concepts, design alternatives such as HVAC, lighting and control, and suggest options that can meet or exceed performance targets without compromising occupant thermal comfort. We have extensive experience in providing whole building energy simulations in support of:

  • Building Envelope, Ventilation, Lighting, Domestic Hot Water

  • Geothermal system, Under-floor Air Distribution, Natural ventilation, Chilled Beam, PV & Solar Thermal System, Day-lighting

  • Compliance Energy Modeling Services

  • Utility incentive and rebate programs

  • Energy code compliance for building permit

  • Comparison/ Predictions Energy Modeling Services

  • Building life cycle analysis

  • Measurement & verification

  • 3rd party peer review of models

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